Choosing a Clan Pt.6 Star Gate

Yeah, I’m just going to finish this to get on with doing what I really intended to do…. which I’ll explain another time. Onward! Star Gate Dimension Police: This mixed Clan Has two prominent halves of Good and Bad, both being not native to Cray. The robot composed vigilante groups like Daiyusha represents justice and […]

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Choosing a clan Pt.5 (Maganallica)

Welcome back! As promised, I’m providing two posts in one day to make up for my tardiness. Onto the feature presentation! Maganallica:- Aqua Force:- This naval military themed clan is mainly composed of Aquaroids( similar to bioroids, save that these guys are made up of ‘living water’) and fearsome tear dragons. The represent a building […]

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Choosing a Clan Pt.4 (Zoo)

Well, it seems like my laziness has driven off what few viewers I’ve been getting, to make up for this tardiness, I’ll be posting two releases today itself, the clans of the nations of Zoo and Maganallica, and then Star Gate tomorrow, ending this fiasco. I’ll do this as fast as I can to stop […]

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