Choosing a clan Pt.1(United Sanctuary)


So, if you’re here, that means that you’re actually interested in what I’m offering. I needn’t be so formal, but that’s just the way I work. Guess that’s enough of my rambling, I’ll tell you how it goes. I will be going through each playable clan through each nation of planet Cray, and talk about their aesthetic and playstyle. I don’t care about the effort it takes to fully utilise each clan’s playstyle, nor is any rating I give accurate for the whole clan, so I’ll leave the difficulty rating out. With that settled, let’s begin.

United Sanctuary:-

Royal Paladin-

This group mostly features Knights, Dragons, wizards and the like as its primary component and represent heroism, bravery and camaraderie. Their playstyle revolves around summoning allies from the deck and empowering them to hit the opponent hard and fast. They work well to quickly end games with strengthened units and gain benefits from having a full rearguard formation, with some of the newer units focusing on superior calling during the battle phase, thereby increasing the amount of attacks they get. Simply put, they are a highly offensive clan. It’s main weakness is that it consumes a fair amount of cost in its attack rushes, leaving it unable to maintain its offensive stance for long.

Shadow Paladin:-

The dark counterparts to the Royal Paladins, they consist of characters similar to the Royal Paladin, albeit with a darker color scheme. Their original constituents represented villainy and absolute thirst for power, but as they progressed, while some still represent the original aesthetic, some other factions now represent dark justice and camaraderie as well, now sharing slight similarities to their other half. Their playstyle also focuses on summoning allies from the deck, but unlike the Royal Paladin, they are summoned as sacrifices for the vanguard, as cost for giving power, critical, and/or abilities to themselves. This essentially makes them a self-centered clan, focusing everything solely for the vanguard. Usually the turn where it’s user sacrifices at least 3 of its units is the final turn of the game against its opponents. It is neither fast nor slow in its approach, but rather medium-paced with a mildly defensive playstyle. It’s only weakness is that it cannot maintain a good field in the late game due to its sacrificial nature.

Gold Paladin:-

A clan that incorporates abilities from the Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin, it is best described as a clan representing both ideals of its parent clans, although in its current era stands for versatility, honor and camaraderie. Like the other paladin clans, it focuses on superior calling from the deck, but differs from them in the method, as instead of superior calling from anywhere in deck, this clan superior calls from the top 3-4 cards of the deck, making it more luck-based compared to either and for cheaper costs as well. Some cards call and sacrifice their own, while others summon and empower them. As they have progressed, they have become more efficient in regaining costs and drawing cards, essentially becoming a versatile and balanced clan, with high levels of defense and offense. It’s only main weakness is that it burns through the deck fairly fast.

Oracle Think Tank:-

This clan consists of talented mages and goddesses and is the representation of foresight, knowledge and stability. Additionally, most of its members are female. As its name might suggest, it possesses a fair amount of divination abilities, its playstyle focusing more on knowledge than power, with cards that allow one to consistently draw additional cards and checking the top card of the deck. As such, they fight slowly, using their abilities in order to maintain an ironclad defense while using divination to manipulate the deck into giving a desired outcome, like triggers. Their main weakness is that they possess low attack power.


An another clan focused on divination, this clan stands for foresight, knowledge and strength. It’s playstyle revolves around building cards in its soul to use as cost for its skills. It shares Oracle Think Tank’s foresight abilities but unlike that clan use it primarily for offense, stacking triggers on top of the deck. A number of its cards add power when cards are put into or removed from the soul, building an offensive edge while the boss units soul blast cards for purposes like drawing, powering up, adding critical or acquiring abilities. It’s playstyle is slow but deadly, building up cost till the right time to unleash it comes, reducing defense to raise offense. Its primary weakness is that because it builds up its soul by soulcharging from the deck, it rapidly uses up the deck, causing losses due to deckout rather than being dealt six damage, the usual way.

Angel Feather:-

As the name suggests, it is a clan consisting mostly of angels and is themed around doctors nurses , hospitals and anything connected to healing. As such, it can be said to stand for healing, safety and kindness. It’s playstyle revolves around manipulating the damage zone in order to exchange cards from the hand with those in the damage zone, superior calling allies from the damage zone or even outright healing damage. It also possesses an ability that heals the vanguard and then deals damage to it in order to acquire effects from triggers and in a way, countercharging. It is slow in its playstyle, and functions in confusing ways, but uses it’s abilities to keep a good amount of defense and offense. And it, similar to Genesis, has cards that power up when a card is put into the damage zone, which is used both defensively and offensively. The main weakness of the clan is that it is somewhat luck-based due to its dependence on the kind of cards that land up in the damage zone, which may hinder it from functioning at its full potential.

Well, that’s all for today. Sorry about this, but this takes quite a bit of time. Essentially, the idea is to choose a clan that matches with your personality and preferences with your tastes, like whether it is knights, or dragons or gods. The next post will continue with this with clans from the Dragon Empire nation!

Until next time!


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