Choosing a clan Pt.2 (Dragon Empire)

Welcome back, today I’ll be talking about the clans of the Dragon Empire nation! yes, this is probably going to be like this for all the nations of Cray till I move on to the next segment, so bear with me for a while. Now for the feature presentation!

Dragon Empire:-


This clan features enormous flame dragons , dragon knights and dragonmen and is basically what you would call the incarnation of hellfire and an ultimate pressure-based battle tactic using clan, representing relentless power and crushing force. It’s general aesthetic is to ‘burn away’ the opponents resources with its style of forcing the opponent’s rearguards to retreat and restanding the vanguard, which forces the opposing side to expend cards from hand to defend, essentially leaving them with near nothing to utilize within a few turns time once limit break and/or stride become active. Their playstyle is medium to fast and is passively offensive in nature, and its main weakness is that if the opponent survives its onslaught, then it probably won’t be left with much to defend with.


A counterpart to Kagero, this clan also features immense dragons, and draconic ability wielders. But, if Kagero is a hellfire incarnate, then Narukami is a thunder and lightning incarnate, representing raw power, straightforwardness and blitzing speed. It primarily focuses on retiring the opponents rearguards in and giving power and critical to its units, utilizing a pure power based tactic. Its newer troops mainly go around retiring the opponents front row rearguards and binding them to prevent them from ever returning. It has quite a fast playstyle with a full-on offensive edge. It’s main weakness is the same as Kagero’s, it most likely won’t have much to defend with after finishing its onslaught.


Dragon Empire’s black ops agency, this is a shinobi clan dominated by abyss dragons that represent guerrilla warfare, self reliance and single minded focus. It specializes in cloning techniques, summoning copies of its field units that return to the deck or hand at the end of turn, allowing themselves to keep field presence while not having to worry about the key units being wiped out. Newer units can make the cloning permanent and gain/give power or activate effects if their attacks do not succeed, making them truly focused of the success of the mission (winning), no matter the cost. They have a medium to fast playstyle with a near harmonious balance of offense and defense, it’s only considerable weakness is that the field cannot be replenished if it runs out of means to pay the cost of its abilities.


This is dragonic empire’s second shinobi clan, also lead by abyss dragons, but it represents efficiency, control and intelligence. It’s playstyle focuses on reducing the opponent’s capability to guard by either making the opponent discard cards from his/her hand or binding rearguards or hand cards face up to make them unavailable for that turn. Newer cards can return to the hand from the field when the opponent puts bound cards back into hand, allowing its user to fully manipulate the field. It has a slow playstyle with a high stress on defense and a slight offensive edge, though that is mostly passive in nature. It is weaker against clans with high draw power and also requires precision to properly utilize.


This clan almost entirely consists of dinosaurs that have been enhanced with machines like enormous guns, cannons and armor, representing domination and willingness to do anything. Its general aesthetic is to ‘consume’ its own units for power, critical, and/or effects, but unlike the Shadow Paladins, even the rearguards can do this and due to this, several units have abilities that activate when their retired, increasing the allies, adding power, or restoring cost, among other effects. It has a slow to medium paced playstyle and is highly offensive in nature with a fair amount of defense. Its main weakness is obvious, inability to properly restore its field after using its abilities.

And I’m done with Dragon Empire! It took a while due to being in a holiday mood, but I will try to focus on this a bit more. Next on the list is the Dark Zone nation, and after that I haven’t decided yet, so if you have a preference, let me know!



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