Choosing a Clan Pt.3 (Dark Zone)

It took me a while to get back here since I was gone for vacation to Hyderabad to visit cousins and my grandmother Excuses aside, I managed to write up drafts for my next two posts (including this one and sorry for being slow) and I’ll be doing them both as fast as I can, which ain’t that fast. So, now to the feature presentation, the clans of the Dark zone nation!

Dark Zone:-

Dark Irregulars:-

A clan composed of vampires, succubi and other creatures of the night. Representing gatherers of forbidden knowledge and, to an extent, the willingness to sacrifice anything necessary, it focuses on putting cards into its soul and acquiring power and/or abilities depending on the number of cards present. Themed around darkness (excuse the pun) and the night, this clan is primarily offensive in nature, albeit the way it gains that power can be called passive in nature. It usually gains power from its abilities, and fairly recently a varied range of effects that normally involve limiting the opponent’s guard or forcing them to retire their own allies, but some possess defensive skills as well. It has a slow playstyle, gradually building themselves up till they reach the requirements to finish off the opponent. Its primary weakness lies in the fact that it does not possess much in the way of defense, at least by hand, as most of its skills end up hand neutral.

Gear Chronicle:-

This clan is primarily composed of what I would called mechanised beings like Gear Dragons, Colossi and Gearoids (somewhat like living beings possessing mechanical parts instead of some organs in their bodies). Representing followers of unlimited possibilities, this clan’s aesthetic is based around the concept of time manipulation. Its abilities are threefold, either sending opponents units into the bottom of the deck, bringing help from allies of the future or binding its own allies (especially zodiac time beasts) in order to achieve a finisher effect. This clan also possesses the most abilities to manipulate stride. Depending on the archetype, the clans playstyle can range from slow to fast, but maintains an offensive edge, be it passive or direct. It is very well balanced, but depending on the type of deck, weaknesses vary, hence there is no ‘true’ weakness that applies to the whole clan.

Pale Moon:-

This circus themed clan is composed of what one would expect of one, magicians, clowns, trapeze artists, living dolls and so forth (maybe not the last one though). While some factions represent villainy to an extent, they all portray versatility and unpredictability. This clan focuses on superior calling as well, but unlike other clans, it summons its allies from the soul, with newer factions doing so at much cheaper costs, provided that they return to the soul at the end of turn. With a medium to fast playstyle, they are highly offensive in nature with a normal amount of defense, and possess a natural resistance against field-control clans. Its weakness lies in the late game, when they run out of cost to summon from the soul, being left with nothing but the vanguard.

Spike Brothers:-

Representing overflowing power and all consuming rage, this American football themed clan is among the most, if not the most attack based clans there is. Its playstyle revolves around quickly mobilizing high powered attacks with the rearguards, which go to the bottom of the deck at the end of its attack, and then the vanguard filling those empty ranks by sacrificing card from the hand to keep the pressure on. It is extremely fast in its playstyle, focused ONLY on offense, sacrificing everything to destroy the enemy. It’s main weakness, according to me, is its reliance on hand cards. If its user is forced to use them up in defense, the the next turns offense will lose strength, although it still remains quite formidable.

Well, that’s it for now. Next I’ll be doing the clans of the Zoo nation, and it’ll probably come out today or tomorrow itself so I don’t need to say much.

Until next time!


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