Choosing a Clan Pt.4 (Zoo)

Well, it seems like my laziness has driven off what few viewers I’ve been getting, to make up for this tardiness, I’ll be posting two releases today itself, the clans of the nations of Zoo and Maganallica, and then Star Gate tomorrow, ending this fiasco. I’ll do this as fast as I can to stop being annoying, and get to the REALLY helpful stuff fast. So, let’s get to the feature presentation!


Great Nature:-

This peaceful clan is primarily composed of what I can only describe as fully intelligent animals. Themed around anything related to studies, it represents intelligence, peace and pursuers of knowledge. This clan’s style is based around giving its rearguards +4000 power and then retiring them at the end of turn and drawing a card, effectively maintaining hand size and clearing the field to prevent any control from the opponents. Newer units gain abilities or more power when one of their allies reaches a power level. It has a highly balanced, slow to medium playstyle, working to intelligently take down the opponent through its combination tactics. It’s weakness lies in the deck. Due to its high draw power, extended play will drain the deck.


This villainous clan  boasts mutant insectoids, representing control, dominion, and as mentioned before, villainy. Its aesthetic is based around the mafia, with a mechanic tailored to suit. Its passively offensive playstyle is based centered around preventing the opponents units from standing, a technique popularly called ‘paralyze’ with a G-unit that prevents the opponent from calling if they get too smart about it. It functions at a slow pace, with weakness lying in their low defensive capabilities.

Neo Nectar:-

This clan is primarily composed of bioroids, plants that have assumed humanoid forms, and forest dragons. Representing strength in unity, camaraderie and nature’s beauty, much of this clan focuses on summoning allies with the same name as units on the field, with newer units gaining power and/or activating effects when an ally sharing its name called to the rearguard (while it is ON the field if you’re wondering). The most notable exception to this is the Musketeer sub-clan that retires its allies to try and summon stronger units from the top 4-5 cards of the deck. It is very well balanced, albeit slightly leaning on the offensive side, it’s most notable weakness being that it requires allies on the field to fully utilize its capabilities.

Guess that’s that for this segment, better get to the next one fast!

Until next time!


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