Choosing a clan Pt.5 (Maganallica)

Welcome back! As promised, I’m providing two posts in one day to make up for my tardiness. Onto the feature presentation!


Aqua Force:-

This naval military themed clan is mainly composed of Aquaroids( similar to bioroids, save that these guys are made up of ‘living water’) and fearsome tear dragons. The represent a building onslaught and tactical coordination, with their playstyle revolving around effects that activate during the battle phase, which are achieved depending on the battle in which the unit attacks, like a military which moves in ranks, the strongest attacks being the 4th or 5th one made during that turn. It is primarily offensive in nature, with the aim of making multiple consecutive attacks on the enemy and as mentioned before, getting stronger after each attack, regardless of whether the attack was successful or not. It has a medium level play speed, weakness being that it has not acquired that much speciality in ways of defense and that it requires allies to reach the number of attacks needed.

Bermuda Triangle:-

This pop idol themed clan is almost if not entirely filled with mermaids. Representing limitless joy, partnership and also love to an extent, this peppy clan focuses on returning units on the field back to the hand and/or calling them to those circles during the main phase or battle phase in order to reuse on-call effects and/or gain additional attacks. This clan is best described as ‘balanced’ with a very good amount of attack with a higher than average defense. Its playstyle can be called conservative and representative of divas coming on and off the stage, rearranging its formation without wasting any cards. It has a medium paced play speed, its weakness being reliance on cards on the rearguard and hand to play out its strategy.


This clan is entirely composed of undead like zombies, vampires , ghosts and so forth. Representing undying will, piracy and disregard for ‘set’ law, this pirate themed clan focuses on discarding cards from the deck and then superior calling those allies from the drop zone like the dead rising from the grave. A number of newer units can be summoned for cheaper costs or empowered in exchange for retiring them at the end of turn. With a medium paced playstyle, no ally is ever ‘truly’ lost with this clan, although its weakness is in the limited hand restoring capability.

With that, I’m done for today! Not 100% sure that the next post WILL come tomorrow, but that can wait.

Until next time!


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