Choosing a Clan Pt.5 Star Gate

Yeah, I’m just going to finish this to get on with doing what I really intended to do…. which I’ll explain another time. Onward!

Star Gate

Dimension Police:

This mixed Clan Has two prominent halves of Good and Bad, both being not native to Cray. The robot composed vigilante groups like Daiyusha represents justice and heroism. The villainous groups like the Enigman are aliens representing villainy and suppression. Even though they belong to opposing sides, they are classified as part of one clan. This clan features a split playstyle, the heroes adding power to their vanguard and both vanguard and rearguard achieving effects when a certain power level is met( they normally add power in multiples of 4000). The villains, however, focus on reducing the power of the opponent’s vanguard, with some achieving effects when it drops below a level. Either way, they have a relatively fast, offensive playstyle, the main weakness being that it drains the hand.

Nova Grappler:

This mechanised(not a word ^^) clan represents the thrill of battle, and is mostly composed of robots made for battle called battleroids. Its playstyle revolves around standing its rearguards (and occasionally the vanguard) during the battle phase to make additional attacks. It is quick, extremely offense based with a moderate defense capability. The only limitation it possesses will be your own luck.

Link Joker:

This multifaceted Clan has three main divisions, two, the Star-Vaders and Deletors are evil while the Messiah faction is neutral. The Star-Vaders abilities lie in ‘locking’ the opponent’s rearguard, making them useless to them. The Messiahs also lock the opponents rearguards but lock their own as well and then unlocking them to gain additional attacks and achieve effects. The Deletors while possessing some locking capabilities possess abilities unique to their sub-clan, called ‘delete’ and ‘vanish delete’ (check the ” keywords if you don’t know what they are). Their playstyle is slow and menacing, and capable of dragging down the opponent’s pace to a near standstill. Their common weakness is that their control ceases once they run out of the cost to do so. They are also the only clan possessing auto-win abilities.

Well, that about sums up the choosing Clan bit, which I’ve stretched for far too long. Next time, I’ll be giving strategies for the Angel Feather Clan of the United Sanctuary nation and I once again apologize for my sloth.


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